I support strong police, fire department and disaster services.

I support reviewing our city budget to counterbalance increases in taxes.

I support no new taxes, including an increase in the sales tax.

I support re-establishing the Finance Committee.

I support innovative ways to help our elderly population age-in-place, innovative housing, parks & recreation needs.

I support working families .

I support freezing the water and sewer rates and addressing infrastructure needs over a longer period due to COVID-19.

I support sustainability, clean water and clean air quality and acknowledge climate change according to science.

I support a multi-purpose, high-density housing/hotel complex with a performing arts center component on the City’s D Street property.

I support modernizing the marina for local enjoyment and reduction in city expenditures.

I support directing our economic development team to attract new compatible and desirable city-wide business development.

I support downtown business development and understand that the needs of retail and restaurants are crucial to the city’s future. 

I support construction of Accessory Dwelling Units and the development of in-fill housing to provide additional efficient new housing.

I support utilizing sophisticated technology for  streamlining city meetings services (permits, billing, etc.). 

I support reviewing permits and fee structures as well as reviewing process for doing business with the City. 

I support the City hiring of grant writers to seek federal and state funds for city improvements.

I support improving our roads and funding by redirecting unallocated Capital Improvement Project funds.  While we remain in a budget crisis not all planned road repair should be postponed.  

I support understanding the impact of the Silver Tsunami (growth in our community of those of 60+ years old) will have on our 5-year economic projections, infastructure needs, School District implications.

I support a program of understanding and attracting Millenials and their families to Benicia and their needs.

I support a strong partnership between all our businesses, including Valero and Benicia,  based on trust but verified and measured.

I support and understand the value and impact of the arts community has on our economy. Including how to support artist in residency needs. 

I support our City Library as the heart of the community and believe it should not be placed under the county library system.

I support the Planning Commissions decision on cannabis dispensary

I support increasing city revenue by growing the Benicia Industrial Park.

I support investigating ways to tap into the new remote workplace economy that results from remote workers becoming  the new norm coming out of COVID-19.  






Terry Scott for Benicia City Council

Money Raised will go towards Events (for fundraising and volunteer recruitment), Printing campaign literature (brochures and mailings)etc.