Terry Scott For Benicia City Council My vision

A community that respects its heritage, yet embraces change: one that supports housing opportunities for all and encourages out-of -the box thinking for new commercial, industrial and business growth.

A city government that is financially transparent and highly responsive, utilizing enhanced technology, yet simplified in the way business is conducted.

A city that invites new income growth opportunities, but where the methods of conducting day-to-day business is streamlined and costs are reduced.

A community united based on  its core values; inclusion, diversity and equal treatment for all –including minorities, women and our expanding elderly population.

A city that understands and accepts its place as being a steward of the environment –advocating for clean water and air and all environmental issues that impact us as citizens of our planet.

A city with infrastructure that is managed appropriately (road improvements, sewer systems, etc.) with fair water and sewer rates and measured capital improvements.

A city protected by highly trained Police and Fire Departments who embrace the latest in professional training and the highest ethical standards.  

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Terry Scott For Benicia City Council

Money raised will go towards events (for fundraising and volunteer recruitment), Printing campaign literature (brochures and mailings) etc. Paid for by the Committee to Elect Terry Scott For Benicia City Council 2020 FPPC # 1427203