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Terry Scott
I too feel compelled to add my voice to this discussion. I believe that as a Society we must share in providing ALL with basic human rights, equality in treating everyone the same, with access to opportunity and equity in the proportional representation for those opportunities.
Much more needs to be done regarding racism. White privilege is real. It is part of our unconscious bias. The goal here is to shape politics— through safe-non-violent means until racism is exposed and eliminated through conscious understanding.
Racial justice is effected by changes in our culture. In Benicia, our police department is lead by a principled and dedicated chief. He has put forth a plan of action that leads our community by example in how to look for and treat bias while at the same time provide compassionate policing tools. Achieving Diversity and equality require transparency and resolute listening to every voice in the community.
I believe the we must address the need for social justice through awareness. Now is the time to look in the mirror and say we stood on the right side of history by doing the right thing

Progressive Democrats endorse Steve Young for Mayor, Terry Scott for City Council Copy

By Ralph Dennis

August 18th, 2020

In this age of pandemic distancing, the Progressive Democrats of Benicia convened about 50 members and interested parties in a digital ZOOM Candidate Forum on August 11.

Candidate for Mayor Steve Young and candidates for City Council Trevor Macenski and Terry Scott gave opening statements, answered prepared questions and audience questions, and finished with brief closing statements.

Members of the Progressive Democrats voted whether and whom to endorse by an online poll on the PDB website. Voting was open for a week following the Forum. For endorsement, PDB bylaws require a vote of 50% plus one of those present and voting.

For Mayor of Benicia – Results were overwhelming in the Mayoral race. 100% of the 43 members voting chose to endorse Steve Young for Mayor in 2020. Congratulations, Steve! Christina Strawbridge, who declined to attend, received no votes.

For Benicia City Council – The race for City Council presented members with a wider choice. Members could vote for up to two to fill the two vacant seats. Incumbent Tom Campbell, who also declined to attend, received only 5 votes, or 11.6% of those voting. Planning Commissioner Trevor Macenski received 13 votes, or 30.2% of those voting. Arts and Culture Commissioner Terry Scott received support from 40 members, or 93.0% of those voting, and snagged our only endorsement for City Council. Congratulations, Terry