Terry Scott For Benicia City Council Open Government

Open government starts with electing a candidate who will listen. It means electing a candidate who will be transparent and responsive to the needs of all residents.

Communicating with our residents and businesses in a meaningful and timely manner needs to be a primary objective of our staff. We need to challenge our IT team to look at traditional and non-traditional tools to deliver information and effectively communicate City policy.

COVID-19 has changed how doctors and patients, students and teachers and businesses communicate. The genie is out of the bottle. We must focus on using these tools to provide more access and transparency to the workings of our government.

I believe that the more technology we can use, the more informed and aware our residents will become.

We need to look at the key lessons we have gathered from working in a COVID-19 environment. We are learning how to interact with businesses and residents electronically, and that is critical. For example, can we reduce the time needed for the permitting process by enhancing  our IT capabilities.

Terry Scott For Benicia City Council

Money raised will go towards events (for fundraising and volunteer recruitment), Printing campaign literature (brochures and mailings) etc. Paid for by the Committee to Elect Terry Scott For Benicia City Council 2020 FPPC # 1427203