Terry Scott For Benicia City Council Our Environment

Climate change is real.  As a result of climate change, we have to be smart about how we as a community look and act today with an eye to the future.  Benicia has a long history of creating and adopting strong environmental policy and creating standards that evolve to meet the real threat of global climate change.  I support the Climate Action Plan, The Climate Change Adaptation Plan and the Community Sustainability Commission.

Clearly, we need to continue to be vigilant in understanding and reacting to widening air quality issues, rising water levels and all issues that will affect our environment.

One tool the City can use to show its commitment to sustainability is to begin converting our vehicle fleet to hybrid and then to electric. Another is to add more solar panels on City buildings. Finally, I believe we should use the City’s voice to educate, advocate and provide information on sustainable solutions to all residents in a timely manner.

We should also collaborate with Sol Trans to make mass transportation more accessible. 

As a devoted grandfather I believe it’s our responsibility, no matter if it’s individually or as a City, to constantly take action that will deliver a legacy to our children’s children of a clean, safe environment.  


Terry Scott For Benicia City Council

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