Terry Scott For Benicia City Council We Agree/ I Support

As Benicians, we agree that:  We love our small-town historic community and its values.  We want leadership that protects our way of life and keeps taxes down. We want to feel safe. we want understandable and reasonable water and sewer rates.  We want an environment that our children and their generations can sustain and enjoy. We want to know that our environment is protected (clean air and safe water) as climate change is a reality. 

We want our elderly to have the ability to age-in-place and support more elderly housing, passive parks, and other opportunities to enjoy aging. 

We want to ensure our infrastructure is managed properly (road improvements, sewer systems, etc.) without rate increases and with measured capital improvements.

We want expanded Parks and Recreation opportunities that meet the needs of elderly and those handicapped as well as expands outdoor activities throughout the City such as bike trails. We want to invite millennials to enjoy our City and provide them with accesses to technology and leisure. We want to create infill housing, encourage Affordable Dwelling Units, etc.

We want financial stability.  One of the first steps as we maneuver through the financial ravages  of Covid-19 is to create a short and long term plan to understand and deal with the tremendous impact of CalPers obligations.

We want to shop local. We want expanded retail so we can shop, dine and play locally.


 In Order To Accomplish This We Must Establish A Unified VISION Of What Benicia Can Do Using These Benchmarks: 

Be Accountable by making informed decisions based on citizen and staff input, historical data and future insights.  Ensure the City exhibits Financial and Environmental Stewardship. Understand impact of our current and future financial situation and address CalPERS. 

Establish Trust to get things done. Be transparent. Communicate effectively utilizing new technologies.  Trust, but with verification . 

Encourage Personal and Economic Growth.  Incentivize resident and business partnerships to work toward a common goal.  Review development Fee structure. Concentrate on planning to increase revenue to lessen tax obligations. Encourage personal growth through senior center, library, cultural services and teen center. 

Recruit Sustainable Businesses and address perceptions and realities surrounding cost of doing business in Benicia. Review internal department efficiencies and look to streamline the various City processes. 

Embrace our History while making new History. Retain small town feel while looking for new opportunities to tell our proud story. Promote the City’s historic impact on California.

Support and Expand Arts and Cultural opportunities. Celebrate our diverse arts community and help expand it.   Acknowledge and embrace the economic impact of arts and culture. Expand arts opportunities for all-age enjoyment. Encourage and subsidize artist live-work spaces across the City. Search for grant monies that are available to expand our visual, musical and performing arts activities.

Understanding Institutionalized Racism.  I am committed to understanding the protocols and policies of our local government.  Do we as a government exhibit racial bias and the iniquities associated with it. What as a government have we done to create equality in all of our government including education and understanding of how pervasive it might me. Our Police Chief has done an outstanding job at creating a department, in my opinion,  of listening and understanding and acting as a partner not an opponent. Racism forces us to look back and confront an ugly past, but also provides for the opportunity to create a better understanding of how tomorrow we can change.

Terry Scott For Benicia City Council I Support

I support strong Police, Fire Department and disaster services.

I support reviewing our City budget to counterbalance increases in taxes. Clearly the impact of significant revenue reduction with go beyond budgets 20/21-21/22 and most likely beyond.  Financial accountability begins with looking at  municipal cost reductions  and understanding opportunities for efficiencies.

I support re-establishing the Finance Committee.

I support innovative ways to help our elderly population age-in-place, innovative housing, parks & recreation needs.

I support understanding if our City government exhibits any inequalities or racism in any way.  And if so, partner with the community to determine the appropriate method to achieve equality. 

I support freezing the water and sewer rates and addressing infrastructure needs over a longer period due to COVID-19. I support looking at moving the fixed costs of sewer costs on to the real estate tax bill to lower monthly costs and potentially provide tax advantages.

I support sustainability, clean water and clean air quality and acknowledge climate change according to science.

I support a multi-purpose, high-density housing/hotel complex with a performing arts center component on the City’s D Street property.

I support modernizing the marina for local enjoyment and reduction in City expenditures.

I support directing our Economic Development team to attract new compatible and desirable City-wide business development.

I support downtown business development and understand that the needs of retail and restaurants are crucial to the City’s future.  

I support construction of Accessory Dwelling Units and the development of in-fill housing to provide additional efficient new housing including attracting affordable housing. New Construction brings well paying Union jobs to the community.

I support utilizing sophisticated technology for  streamlining City access to essential services (permits, billing, etc.). 

I support reviewing permits and fee structures as well as reviewing process  through key Covid-19 learnings for streaming how business and developers work with the City. I believe an Ombudsman position in Planning should be considered.

I support the City hiring of grant writers to seek federal and state funds for City improvements.

I support improving our roads and funding by redirecting unallocated Capital Improvement Project funds.  While we remain in a budget crisis not all planned road repair should be postponed.  

I support understanding the impact of the Silver Tsunami (growth in our community of those of 60+ years old) will have on our 5-year economic projections: infastructure needs, School District implications as well as understand the impact of increased property tax income to the city as  Prop 13 protected homes in the downtown core are sold and the new property tax valuation generates significant revenue with associated infrastructure  requirements. 

I support a program of understanding and attracting Millenials and their families to Benicia and their needs. We see the increase of young families today.  We need a comprehensive plan to continue to attract Gen Y and Millennials to Benicia. 

I support strong partnerships between all our businesses, including Amports Valero and the City,  based on trust but verified and measured 

I support and understand the value and impact the arts community has on our economy. Including how to support artist in residency needs. 

I support the Planning Commission’s decision on cannabis dispensary

I support increasing City revenue by modernizing the Benicia Industrial Park including infrastructure like roads and high speed internet connectivity 

I support investigating ways to tap into the new remote workplace economy that results from remote workers becoming  the new norm coming out of COVID-19.  

I support community forums, not just city council meetings, where community input can be voiced. 

Terry Scott For Benicia City Council

Money Raised will go towards Events (for fundraising and volunteer recruitment), Printing campaign literature (brochures and mailings) etc. Paid for by the Committee to Elect Terry Scott For Benicia City Council 2020 FPPC # 1427203