Terry Scott For Benicia City Council Social Justice


I believe that as a society we must share in providing ALL with basic human rights, equality in treating everyone the same, with access to opportunity and equity in the proportional representation for those opportunities. Much more needs to be done regarding racism.  White privilege is real. It is part of our unconscious bias.

The goal here is to shape policies— through safe-non-violent means until racism is exposed and eliminated through conscious understanding. Racial justice is effected by changes in our culture. In Benicia, our police department is led by a principled and dedicated Chief. He has put forth a plan of action that leads our community by example in how to look for and treat bias while at the same time provide compassionate policing tools.

Achieving diversity and equality for all  in our City government requires transparency and resolute listening to every voice in the community.

Achieving a community that understands racism is real; Ageism is real; Handicapped access to basic services including ADA compliance and passive parks must be addressed.  The rights of LGBTQ must be protected. 

I believe the we must address the need for social justice for all Benicians through awareness. Through listening and acting. 

Now is the time to look in the mirror and say we stood on the right side of history by doing the right thing.

Terry Scott For Benicia City Council

Money raised will go towards events (for fundraising and volunteer recruitment), Printing campaign literature (brochures and mailings) etc. Paid for by the Committee to Elect Terry Scott For Benicia City Council 2020 FPPC # 1427203